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Manage your company as a Portfolio of Customers, not simply as a group of products or stores.  Realize growth in cash flow, profits and market capitalization by focusing your efforts on your most important asset, your Customers.

For the past decade, we have delivered industry-leading analytics and developed actionable solutions for several of the largest U.S. retailers.  Our programs have driven customer satisfaction and increased loyalty without the need for broad-based price reductions to match the competition.

Derive maximum benefit from your existing investment in frequent shopper data using our Relevance Suite® software.  Deliver actionable purchase behavior-based analytics to the right people throughout your organization, ensuring that every decision begins and ends with the Customer.

We empower your organization to drive both top and bottom line growth with our proprietary:
    • Retail Metrics
    • Proven analytical methods
    • Industry-specific application software
    • Strategic consulting

Rapid and continuing benefits are assured by seamless integration with your current business practices.  We provide hands-on training and assistance for your organization throughout the relationship.

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